Living the Questions

Have you been to yourself
in all of this noise?
Are you living your dreams?
Does your soul have a voice?
When you close your eyes
what do you see?
Where your heart meets your soul
who must you be?
Will your why be your way?
How will you tell your story?

The word for heart in Italian is “Cuore”. The suffix, “osity”, reflects “the quality of being.” I felt that this soul burning experience of and to aliveness needed its own name. The word Cuoreosity found me and captures the essence of this journey guided by love and the mystery of living the questions.

Cuoreosity is an expedition into the deeper conversations that will shape our Being as we live into the light of our very own beautiful questions. The answers to our most intense questions are not how to guides. They are poetry. The path of discovery is to find and to be found by the poetry within. Our very life is a poem.

I Am The Poem
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